Private Yoga 

Britton works privately with students to create a therapeutic and inspired practice that caters to the individual needs of each student.  She draws from her broad toolkit of anatomy study, iyengar yoga, hatha yoga and creative movement to customize the practice - and guide you to the next level of your asana practice in a safe and effective manner. Whether you are healing from an injury, looking to deepen your knowledge of yoga outside the classroom or simply treat yourself - Britton will inspire and guide you on your journey of self discovery and evolution on the mat.


Teacher Development & Mentorship


Britton coaches teachers one on one and in small groups to guide and prepare them to teach safe, effective, inspired yoga asana in an accessible way. Britton gives teachers the tools to communicate the benefits of the practice effectively to students in all different teaching contexts.  

Who is Teacher Development for: 

  • Teachers fresh out of Teacher Training
  • Teachers looking to make a career move or teach yoga in a different context
  • Studio Owners who want to implement customized teacher development systems for the growth and support of their teaching staff - positively impacting their students
  • Teachers who want to stay cutting edge / fresh and dynamic in their teaching approach
  • Teachers at any level in their teaching who want an outside eye, focussed feedback support and inspiration beyond Teacher Training Programs  

What will you receive:

  • A structured & personalized growth strategy specific to your goals as a teacher and entrepreneur
  • One on One coaching sessions with Britt (focussing on your targeted areas for growth) 
  • Verbal & written feedback on all technical teaching components
  • Coaching and Strategy for marketing / branding / and creating an online presence
  • Preparation for audition classes and navigating the industry



Britton offers wellness professionals, business owners and studio owners consulting packages in collaboration with YAMA Talent (LINK).

She brings her many years of work in the industry to the table and has worn many hats in the wellness field - namely teaching and working as a studio owner in high volume studios and competitive markets. Britton is passionate about assisting and inspiring other leaders to serve at their highest level and she has made it her mission to work in this capacity to help the yoga industry reach its global potential..