Britton Darby

Consultant | Teacher | Entrepreneur




Britton Darby is a multidimensional creative entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in the Health & Wellness Industry. She specializes in building brands from inception, managing talent, and establishing and overseeing quality control systems in wellness companies. Having co-founded, operated and consulted for successful businesses in highly competitive markets, serving everyone from celebrity clients and artists to wall street bankers and politicians – Britton deeply understands what is required to make wellness companies thrive.

Darby co-founded and built the highly successful Modo Yoga NYC West Village studio from the ground up, where Britton’s leadership and teacher development were key factors in the studios rapid growth. The NYC studio became one of the brands top franchises and garnered many accolades, in 2013 Modo NYC was even named “Hottest Yoga Studio in NYC” by Vogue. 

In 2015 Britton brought her expertise to the strategic advisory department at YAMA Talent where she worked as an industry consultant servicing the needs of brands in the wellness space.  In 2016 Darby moved from NYC to LA to launch the Tantris Yoga lifestyle brand in West Hollywood, where she learned invaluable lessons on nuanced leadership and resiliency as Executive Director of the brand.

Darby is a teacher’s teacher at heart, passionate about guiding other professionals from all styles of yoga and wellness to serve at their highest level. She believes that healing global injustices & generational trauma, starts with healing oneself through self-care practices, which makes yoga studios and wellness companies invaluable in our world today. Britt is a 1500 hour certified yoga teacher, was a professional dancer with the Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre for 15 years, and studied Dance and Anatomy at LADMMI Institute, and Medical Anthropology at Concordia University. She has also been featured in various publications such as The New York Times, LA Weekly, Marie Claire Magazine, Vogue.com and Well and Good.



Britton has taught me the true meaning of what it means to be a yogi - leading by example. Always ready to share a warm smile, kind word and helping hand. She has reminded me that yoga is 1st and foremost a healing practice for the mind body and spirit, and I thank her each and every day for all that she has done, is doing and will do for my yoga practice and teaching for years to come.

-Randy Aaron, Yoga Teacher/Broadway Performer.

There is a deep reverence for whatever position Britton holds. Be it teacher, commander in chief, mentor, student or even friend, she takes care to treat each as if one is no more important than the other. As a leader, she has the gift of diplomacy without sacrificing her vision or the vision of her partners. And in moments of strife, she has the rare ability to respond to her employees and colleagues with tenderness because she cares about all parties involved not just her bottom line. Britton Darby is a gem!

-Ivorie Jenkins, Yoga Teacher/Yoga Therapist

Britt has the uncanny super power of zeroing in on each person's strength and helping them develop their own point of view. It enables her to personalize her Teacher Development in such a way that it becomes a collaboration instead of a cookie cutter recipe. If you want help developing your unique teaching self? Work with Britt!

-Frantz G Hall, Yoga Teacher/Performer/Consultant.

Britton has been an instrumental pivotal step in my developing as a yoga teacher.She has this very acute intuitive understanding of who she is supporting and the most efficient way to communicate to that person which makes the growth inevitable fun and truly awesome. I adored being in her presence and learning from her. I called it "a blessing" to have crossed her path at the time I did between my yoga teacher training and my becoming the teacher I wanted to become.

-Karine Plantadit, Yoga Teacher/Broadway Performer